Upperpik Games was founded in Adana in 2018 with the goal of becoming a global gaming company. We aim to convey the works that excite us to millions of people around the world and to be a big family with you under the roof of the Upperpik.

We are working on doing what is as unique as possible. We are constantly dreaming to find impressive stories. We are always looking for different flavors in terms of gameplay mechanics for our games. Being in touch with you at all times is important for us to do more innovative work.

So, Upperpik set out by value; users, entertainment and unique experiences.


Burak Ozkan

Co-Founder , Game Manager

Mehmet Saygin

Co-Founder , Designer

Ugur Gok

Lead Developer

Mehmet Ali Dalak

Lead Developer

Osman Yakar

Lead Developer

Tevfik Küçükyılmaz

3D Artist

Uygur Güvel


Kemal Arslan


Bekir Akyol